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Mail: Jensen Learning
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Maunaloa, HI 96770
Phone: 808-552-0110
(9am-5pm Pacific Daylight Time)
Fax: 808-552-0220
(9-5 pm Pacific Standard time)

How do I have Eric Jensen come directly to my school or organization to work with my staff?

Contact Diane Jensen at (808) 552-0110 or email her She’s usually in Monday through Friday, 9-5pm, Pacific Standard Time. After she listens to your needs, she’ll fax you a “bid” sheet of information. You’ll fill it out and fax it back. She’ll evaluate the information you have sent to her and let you know as soon as possible if the work you request can be done. Sometimes, she may suggest alternative dates. If your needs are urgent and she’s not available, please leave a detailed message including your name, phone, fax number and email address.

We are sorry that Eric’s schedule doesn’t allow him to do every presentation that’s requested of him. If he is able to work with you, we can promise that he’ll do a terrific job. Click here for more details on Eric Jensen's private workshops.

Hold a Virtual Jensen Workshop!

Jensen Summer Teacher Workshops

Eric Jensen's latest workshop is available on DVD along with
“The Poverty Success Workbooks”
Six step-by-step downloadable guides (PDF) to print out for
your teaching staff.

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2014 Teacher Workshops!

Join us for an amazing, highly engaging experience that gives you cutting edge
insights with easy-to-implement classroom and training strategies.

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Teacher workshops

2014 Jensen Learning Brain-Based Teaching Workshops:

Brain based teacher workshop

Teaching with the Brain in Mind
4-Day Workshop

June 11-14, 2014, San Antonio, TX

Click Here For Details.

Register for the #1 attended brain-based course in the world—discover the brain’s best-kept learning secrets in one short week (4 days) and get enough research-based, classroom-tested, practical strategies for years! Click here for details.

You’ll learn the principles and strategies for positive changes that can skyrocket achievement scores.  

Teacher workshop - teaching to overcome challenges of povertyTeaching with Poverty in Mind
3-Day Workshop

June 16-18, 2014 San Antonio, TX
June 19-21, 2014 San Antonio, TX
June 26-28, 2014 Charlotte, NC
July 14-16, 2014 San Antonio, TX
July 17-19, 2014 San Antonio, TX

This amazing and innovative 3-day event gives you the insider background knowledge, key skills and practical roadmap for academic success with kids from poverty. You’ll understand poverty in a revolutionary new way.
Get secrets to intervene in positive changes that can skyrocket achievement scores.

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Want to discover new approaches to teaching with poverty on mind?
Click here to get the DVD of Enriching the Brains of Students In Poverty.

Teaching workshop - maximum engagement of classroom Tools for Maximum Engagement
2-Day Workshop

June 6-7 2014, San Antonio, TX

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This amazing 2-Day event gives you the extreme skills and insider knowledge, with practical classroom-tested tools to reach every student, nearly every time. You will learn how to successfully understand and intervene with reluctant, hyperactive, apathetic or even disconnected learners in a totally new way. You’ll get positive, practical, research-based strategies that can skyrocket achievement scores. Save 10% When You Register 5 or More.

Eric Jensen Workshop For teachers

The Only Brain-Based Training Specifically for Principals,
Staff Developers and Administrators!

 Get an Amazing “Trifecta” of the 3 Most Powerful Tools
Any Change Agent Could Possibly Want or Have!

2 Dates to Choose From:
February 17-19, 2014
, San Antonio, TX
June 23-25, 2014, Charlotte, NC

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Click here to download our 2014 workshop brochure:

Teacher workshops


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